21 January 2008

16 January 2008

Iron Man and Power Pack #3 On-Sale!

Iron Man and Power Pack #3 arrived in stores on Jan. 16 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Marcelo Dichiara.
Gurihiru is cover art & coloring.

Check out previews this issue HERE.

This images are cover Rough & Ink.

12 January 2008

My computer is came back from service station.
It was earlier than I thought.
The source of the trouble is the Heat Sink that come undone.
And something is wrong HD with a built in computer.
I`m thinking about exchanging a new HD sometime.

Picture below is some people Illustration.

04 January 2008

Inconvenient life

My computer goes on the blink.
It is sending to the repair tommorow.
I can`t doing the Internet & check E-mail for 1-2 weeks.

I am coming inconvenient life for a while...

03 January 2008

Alex & Katie Power

I begin drawn rough of 「Power Pack Day One #2」now.
Published by Marvel Comics.
It is scheduled to be sale in March.
Please wait for the announcement.

This images is personally drawn.
not works.

01 January 2008


May the Year 2008 be an extra nice one to you! 

This is rough of the my new year card.
2008 is the year of the rat in Chinese Zodiac.