28 April 2008

Power Pack: Day One #2 On Sale !

Power Pack Day One #2 arrived in stores on April 23 from published at Marvel Comics. This issue is written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Gurihiru. The preview in this issue is here.

Here are some Pencil→Ink→Color images.
The many perspective line on the left image is actually draw in blue pencil.

15 April 2008

In progress - SvPP#2 cover

Here's a in progress work for new PP comics. Children's appearance are gangsters. Julie will be changing hairstyle to the cornrow!

11 April 2008

More drawings

New York Comic Con starts in Aplil 18 - 20. I was planning to go there... but regrettably, I can`t go to the convention in USA this year. The cancellation was due to a scheduling problem. I hope to take part in NYCC next year.

10 April 2008

Only yesterday It was imported into Japan from USA, so I was able to buy this issue. My worry color problem wasn`t all that terrible. Printing image seemed just the same as original image. I reassured myself about it.

The next PP comics announced HERE!

I bought marble lead of a pencil the other day.
Scribbling by using it is fun. It is interesting color expression.