23 July 2010

Illustration Friday "double"

I submit the pelicans a recent drawing for this weeks Illustration Friday.

15 July 2010

Warriors Four cover layouts

These are the rough layouts of covers for "Thor and the Warriors Four"!

12 July 2010

Thor and the Warriors Four #4

The last issue,"Thor and the Warriors Four #4" in stores!
Hope you like it.

Written by Alex Zalben
Art & Cover by Gurihiru
backup story by Colleen Coover

Loki: triumphant! Thor: defeated! Power Pack: no more! Exclamations: And questions? Will Power Pack be able to save the life of their grandmother, or will the world be destroyed first? All this, plus a guest appearance by The Pet Avengers, and the moment you didn't know you were waiting your whole life for: The League of Thors! AND the final chapter of Colleen Coover's Hercules/Power Pack cross-over. An issue so big, so funny, so awesome, that critics are saying, "This solicit was actually written before the first issue came out, so there's no press quotes yet!" All Ages …$2.99