16 April 2010

Warm up animals sketches 2


006-sea otter

007-Komodo dragon

008-Eastern Bongo


10 April 2010

08 April 2010

Thor and the Warriors Four #1

Thor and the Warriors Four #1 is out (4/7/10)!
Look for this in the comic shops if interested in this.

Written by ALEX ZALBEN
Art & Cover by GURIHIRU
backup story by Colleen Coover

Issue Synopsis -- It all starts here! Power Pack’s biggest adventure ever begins, as they desperately search for the only person who can save the life of their grandmother -- THE MIGHTY THOR! But first, they’re going to need to get to Asgard, and that means joining forces with Frog Thor…And THE PET AVENGERS! An epic tale that starts with a book of myths and ends with the destruction of the entire world, this is a journey into mystery that will leave Power Pack changed -- forever! All Ages …$2.99

Check out the 7 page preview at Comic Book Resources.

process:from thumbnail to pencil to final inks and color.