28 March 2008

Power Pack Day One #1 In Stores !

Power Pack Day One #1 arrived in stores on March 26 from published at Marvel Comics. This issue is written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Gurihiru.
Check out explanation this issues HERE!

This comic is a story of the origin of Power Pack. Based on a story by LOUISE SIMONSON and JUNE BRIGMAN.

Here are some Pencil page, Ink & Color that I did for PPDO#1.

20 March 2008

PP:Day One #3

I worked hard for a while. I had to make cover for new project and pencil work for Power Pack Day One #3. I make ink work now. A cloud of SNARKS enter on PPDO #3, so my hand aches.
The work will go on for the time being...

06 March 2008


The latest work of the Power pack was announced. The preview in this issue is here.
However, I was surprised at the colors. Green of with a yeiiow tint seems to overlay to the whole of the picture. I hope the color return when it is printed.

I am always worried about the difference of the shade of a PC and the printed matter...ummmm
Above is original image. Below is an image of the preview.

03 March 2008