27 February 2009

Illustration Friday "breezy"

For this weeks Illustration Friday.

Sonic works

These are some character designs that was done for Game "Sonic Unleashed"....and illustrations of short film "NIGHT OF THE WEREHOG".(not official)

10 February 2009

Flyer illustration

This is illustration I did for theatrical flyer. (below:rough sketch)
I'm pleased with the red hair girl.

05 February 2009


February 4, 2009 "Wolverine and Power Pack #4" was released for publication by Marvel Comics. Written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Gurihiru.

Alex and his family will visit Japan for Japanese TV show "Ninja Master".

Power Pack and Wolverine fights against the ninja at Shibuya in Tokyo. I had to depict many display advertising and building in Tokyo city. I enjoyed working on these draw background of homeland.

PREVIEW THIS ISSUE, you can see some pages.

Here are the process from pencil to finished art for the page below: