23 November 2008

Night of the Werehog !

The sales promotion short movie of the "Sonic Unleashed" has just been released on official site.
It was my job to design the three-ghosts, two-kids, and large green enemy with whom ghost united. I really enjoyed working on these character designs, since it was my first animation project. Hope you like it!

This is an illustration I did yesterday, in honor of Night of the Werehog, which just came out on;

21 November 2008

Human design...

This is a development screen shot of the "Sonic Unleashed" PS3 and X-box360 versions. When this game was made, the company requested a new human design from me. Neither too real nor too Manga-style. At moderate deformation...

The blog by Sachiko Kawamura who is the art director of the sonic team is here. She mention the role of Gurihiru in game.

This game is scheduled to be release in late November.

Wii,PS3,X-box360...it is put on the market with each model. But visually, Wii is not as sophisticated as the PS3 and X-box360.

07 November 2008

Wolverine and Power Pack

November 5, 2008 "Wolverine and Power Pack #1" arrived in stores from published at Marvel Comics. Written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Gurihiru.

This is the first issue in a new series.
At Comic Book Resources, you can see some pages.

Wolverine and Power Pack in this issue fights in the Museum of Natural History. I did not visit the Museum of Natural History though I went to New York two years ago. I want to visit there if there is a next time to go to NY.

Here are some of my process below:

01 November 2008

Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Sonic Unleashed TGS Trailer

Sonic Unleashed - Night of the Werehog - Movie Trailer

I'm delighted to be part of this project.
The official website is up as well.
Sonic Unleashed official English site