31 October 2008

Color in progress

These SENTINELS are old type.

16 October 2008

In progress

"Wolverine & Power pack #4" cover

12 October 2008

"Sonic Unleashed" NPC

These are really early designs.
They have not announced the design, so I am not allowed to give decision design on it yet.

09 October 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008

I went to Tokyo Game Show 2008 (TGS2008). The new game introduce in Makuhari Messe from October 9st to the 12th.

The exhibition site. The big yellow hero is Norton Antivirus has "Norton Fighter" as their image characters:)

I have had the honor to cooperate on the video game for sonic-team in SEGA. My job was design the NPC characters. It was fun and challenging!
"Sonic Unleashed" Japanese title "Sonic World Adventure"
It will be marketed by SEGA November for the Xbox 360, PS3.
Can't wait!

The official website is up as well.
Sonic World Adventure official Japanese site

07 October 2008

Now on sale

"Power Pack :DAY ONE" TPB is out just-ended month.
Story by FRED VAN LENTE, with art by GURIHIRU. This digest-sized trade paperback collects Power Pack :DAY ONE #1-4. It tells the new origins of the Power Pack. Look for this in the comic shops if interested in this. You can order it also on Amazon.

Here are some inked page:

In stores:17 Sep 2008

"Skrulls vs. Power Pack #2"
Story by FRED VAN LENTE, with art by CORY HAMSCHER,JACOPO CAMAGNI. GURIHIRU is cover art, coloring and fill in for a page.