13 February 2008

Iron Man and Power Pack #4 On Sale !

Iron Man and Power Pack #4 arrived in stores on Feb. 13 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Marcelo Dichiara.
Gurihiru is cover art & coloring.

Check out previews this issue HERE.

These are Pencil, Ink and Rough from cover art.


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me your process of coloring and your rendering programs? I really want to draw the Power Pack JUST LIKE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Woah woah WOAH!

I said it looked awsome and felt like I wanted to buy the comic...
THEN i looked at the preview...

Why aren't you drawing the rest inside? Marcelo Dichiara is good, but not for Power Pack.

I got to say, I've seen the old Power Pack design and it sucks. They looked way too serious and atypical for the era. So were their lines.

But you animate them and their physical features and make them look lively.
When they look sad, my heart mealts.
When they look happy, I giggle at the goofy, but realistic, detail.
For me the dialog is only half the feeling.
I like the NEW look/life you gave to them.
It just seems so right for the subjects: little kids fighting crime.
I never thought it was possible to give still pictures animation but...well...just look at Power Pack day one! The colors were so bright and coordinated (not to mention the images).
But low and behold what do I find in THIS issue?
Hi-definition specs of modern day HUMANS. *gag*
I mean, nothing personal. I know you may be friends with that artist but DAMN!
Why didn't you do the cover AND the inside artwork?