28 March 2008

Power Pack Day One #1 In Stores !

Power Pack Day One #1 arrived in stores on March 26 from published at Marvel Comics. This issue is written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Gurihiru.
Check out explanation this issues HERE!

This comic is a story of the origin of Power Pack. Based on a story by LOUISE SIMONSON and JUNE BRIGMAN.

Here are some Pencil page, Ink & Color that I did for PPDO#1.


Anonymous said...

I'm italian, I think your works are very good.Congratulations!
Sorry for my bad English.

Niko Geyer said...

These pages look terrific! I love seeing the progress from sketch to ink to final CG -- great work.

Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Eric said...

Today I got to buy Power Pack Day One #1~ I'm so happy! Lovely artwork! I look forward to the next issue, and issue #3 with those many Snarks. Wonderful job.

Bill Nolan said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog tonight! I love your work on the Power Pack comics. You two do wonderful work on that series, just perfect for the characters. Hopefully you can visit a US convention one day. I collect convention sketches and I would love to get one from you some day. Thank you.

Gurihiru said...

Thanks for visiting and for leaving such comments!
Don`t worry about your English. I also have a poor English. Please visit to here again when you have time.

Niko, Gingashi, Bill -
Thank you for buying PP:Day One #1. I`m verry happy your comments. Please look forward to release of a PP:Day One #2.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the way you made Julie looked scarred and the cover was fantastic. You just keep getting better and better.