28 April 2008

Power Pack: Day One #2 On Sale !

Power Pack Day One #2 arrived in stores on April 23 from published at Marvel Comics. This issue is written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Gurihiru. The preview in this issue is here.

Here are some Pencil→Ink→Color images.
The many perspective line on the left image is actually draw in blue pencil.


Eric said...

thank you for posting the pencil and pen work, it's great to see the progress. I am really impressed with the perspective lines- I don't have much experience with that.

I got issue #2, it is awesome! Great job guys.

Ana said...

Thanks so much for the great work you both do on the Power Pack comics. Our daughters are huge fans, and both my husband and I always enjoy reading and re-reading the books to them, and we really miss your work when we have a different artist on the series.

Gurihiru said...

Gingashi- I was formerly troubled by perspective.
David Chelsea`s PERSPECTIVE book was very useful for my study.
It is famous, so great, my recommend.

Ana- Thanks for the visits, and thank you for the kind words!
Power Pack is comics for kids.
I`m very glad that your daughters read.

Anonymous said...

I just finished issue #2 and really liked it. I especially liked Katie's fantasy with the "magic pony" it was SO cute. I also noticed that you are using more and more black areas such as heavy shadows. I like it and think it helps make the work more lively. Do you enjoy any American comics?