02 July 2008

Power Pack: Day One #4 On Sale !

Sorry for this late notice.
"Power Pack Day One #4" arrived in stores on June 25 from published at Marvel Comics. Written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Gurihiru.

This is the final issue of the Power Pack Day One. However...set your mind at ease. The series of new Power Pack is put on the market in July. It will be a titled "Skrulls vs. Power Pack."
The main artist of a new series is not me. Gurihiru take charge of the cover art and coloring.

Here's some of my process... Other three pages from "Power Pack Day One #4". The story starts from Jack's imagination scene. A muscular body Jack is pretty funny.


Christopher Wurth said...

Thanks for sharing the process work- cool!

I am always disappointed when you are not the artist for the entire book. I only buy the Gurihiru issues. I hope you will be back after the next series!

Gurihiru said...

chris -Thank you for the kind words! That's a compliment coming from you. Your words were extremely encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Im dissapointed too, I really love your style. Im hoping too you return for future Power Pack adventures.