14 January 2009

Wolverine and Power Pack #3 and #2

January 7, 2008 "Wolverine and Power Pack #3" was released for publication by Marvel Comics. Written by Marc Sumerak, with penciland inc by Scott Koblish.
Gurihiru take charge of the cover art and coloring.

...and sorry! I just forgot inform about issue2 here.
"Wolverine and Power Pack #2" came out last month. Written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Gurihiru.

A number of X-MEN characters makes a cameo in this issue.
The following are some of my process.


Patricio OLiver said...

WOW lovely! I specially like the image with the students! really nice.

The Black Samurai said...

These are awesome! I love to see your process of creating a page. I'm learning a lot!

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