08 April 2010

Thor and the Warriors Four #1

Thor and the Warriors Four #1 is out (4/7/10)!
Look for this in the comic shops if interested in this.

Written by ALEX ZALBEN
Art & Cover by GURIHIRU
backup story by Colleen Coover

Issue Synopsis -- It all starts here! Power Pack’s biggest adventure ever begins, as they desperately search for the only person who can save the life of their grandmother -- THE MIGHTY THOR! But first, they’re going to need to get to Asgard, and that means joining forces with Frog Thor…And THE PET AVENGERS! An epic tale that starts with a book of myths and ends with the destruction of the entire world, this is a journey into mystery that will leave Power Pack changed -- forever! All Ages …$2.99

Check out the 7 page preview at Comic Book Resources.

process:from thumbnail to pencil to final inks and color.


damon said...

wow super cool!

Oskar Iglesias said...

So awesome!
Great expression, composition and colours.

Casey said...

Thanks so much for putting up these pages! I love to see how it all comes together. Awesome!

Real emotion from Julie there. This is why I love your work!