05 June 2010

Thor and the Warriors Four #3

Thor and the Warriors Four #3 in stores!

Written by Alex Zalben
Art & Cover by Gurihiru
backup story by Colleen Coover

Oh noes! All of Asgard has been turned into tiny little babies! Volstagg? Baby! Sif? Baby! Odin? Teeny, tiny wittle baby. Now, it's up to Power Pack and Thor, Tot of Thunder to set things right. Meanwhile, Julie makes a fateful decision that may just play into Loki's evil plans, and Alex reaches his breaking point. Will this be the end of Power Pack? All this, plus Ratatosk, Squirrel of Mischief: the second most dangerous squirrel in the Marvel Universe! PLUS: Hercules continues the tale of his twelve labors! All Ages …$2.99

My favorite panel. Warriors Three babies!
process:from thumbnail to pencil to final inks and color.


Oskar Iglesias said...

Good stuff!

The Judge said...

Oh man, Baby Ray Bill is so cute!

Please don't ever stop doing Power Pack stuff.

Captain Genius said...

I love this comic so hard.

bannister said...

Wonderful !
Power Pack was my favorite super-heroes team as a kid. Great pages and covers, as always. You girls are talented ! Keep on coming that amazing stuff. :-)

Baked_Alaska said...
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Baked_Alaska said...

This issue is full of daaaw and win :D!

Patricio OLiver said...

The Asgard splash page is just AMAZING!!!!!!

jmaruyama said...

bought this today. Beautiful work as always. Your work is a constant inspiration. You make it look so effortless.

Rebecca Agra said...

Your work is awesome!!

Regards from Brazil!