07 October 2008

Now on sale

"Power Pack :DAY ONE" TPB is out just-ended month.
Story by FRED VAN LENTE, with art by GURIHIRU. This digest-sized trade paperback collects Power Pack :DAY ONE #1-4. It tells the new origins of the Power Pack. Look for this in the comic shops if interested in this. You can order it also on Amazon.

Here are some inked page:

In stores:17 Sep 2008

"Skrulls vs. Power Pack #2"
Story by FRED VAN LENTE, with art by CORY HAMSCHER,JACOPO CAMAGNI. GURIHIRU is cover art, coloring and fill in for a page.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, the covers are perfect.
But the inside is still sh@t.

I don't know where this new girl came from but she doesn't make them look like kids the way you do.

As a matter of fact (not to bash but...) the first time I arrived at the comic section and opened up "Skrulls vs Power Pack" I laughed. I seriously thought I'd accidently picked up an issue of "MAD" by mistake. That's what the "art" looked like, something you'd see in "MAD" magazines.

That's basically what it was. A "MAD" magazine. It made fun of Power Pack and brought it down, the only redeeming quality was the cover. (btw, the current one is alright. But I wish you'd chosen the 4th one with both characters facing the reader)

Please. You've gotten us hooked on your story illustrating style. Now we NEED you in the series.