12 October 2008

"Sonic Unleashed" NPC

These are really early designs.
They have not announced the design, so I am not allowed to give decision design on it yet.


Anonymous said...

No offense, doc. Your art is one that both mentors me and puts me to shame.
But...are you sure THESE character designs will sync in with the designs of the main characters Sonic and his friends?

Or are these just a starting design?
How will the japenese version of the game be different?

Gurihiru said...

Hi,powerpack! Thanks for visit. I'm sorry for the lack of replies to all your comments.

It is a design of people in the town that I took charge in this game. When this game was made, the company requested a new human design from me. Neither too real nor too Manga-style. At moderate deformation...
Sonic and human coexist in these stories.

I hope you enjoy my work.