07 November 2008

Wolverine and Power Pack

November 5, 2008 "Wolverine and Power Pack #1" arrived in stores from published at Marvel Comics. Written by Marc Sumerak, with art by Gurihiru.

This is the first issue in a new series.
At Comic Book Resources, you can see some pages.

Wolverine and Power Pack in this issue fights in the Museum of Natural History. I did not visit the Museum of Natural History though I went to New York two years ago. I want to visit there if there is a next time to go to NY.

Here are some of my process below:


l e d o said...

I really like your work, thanks for posting some images of your process. Do you render your backgrounds with a another program?

Sean Galloway said...

oh my! these progressions are wonderful. your work has such a charm to it.

Eric said...

I made sure to get my copy of the first issue, amazing job guys! Even just by looking I could tell it was the Museum of Natural History, hehe. Before you go there, I hope you can come to the New York Comic Con in February!

Thank you for posting the process, I love seeing that. Is the inking done digitally, traditionally, or a mix?

Cavalier Design Works said...

Dude I am such a fan of your work! I think your art is really awesome to look at!

Gurihiru said...

Thank you all!
I am loseing self-confidence to my work lately, but I was encouraged by your comments.

ledo -I am drawing all the backgrounds by oneself. Though I use materials which are contained on the Internet, it is different from an actual building.

Gingashi -My ink work is analog.
However, work to paint the broad surface is digital.

Patricio OLiver said...

you work is amazing!!! Im a marvel geek zombie and a digital illustrator and I really admire your work! Dont by anymeans feel less confident on what you do, you have an amazing talent!!

Pablo Vaquero said...

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Asrial said...

Why did you choose to put the Pack, except Katie, in costume ?
I would've liked to see another pic of Julie without socks.
Also, the Pack in casual would protec their identities.
LOVE your Power Pac work, BTW.