20 September 2010

New York Comic-Con

We (and many other artists from Japan) will participate the New York Comic-Con in October.

Here are cover of full color anthology for "HON vol,1".
A book collaboration with amazing Japanese artists and me, it will be available in the Katana Sutudio booth at NY Comic Con. Don't miss it! "Katana Sutudio" is a unit name of 9-member group make up of Japanese artists.

Hope to see you there!

More info about the book here:
Katana Studio special sketch book "HON" vol.1


bannister said...

I'd love to see you there again, but that won't be possible. We'll see each other another time in the future. Sooner than later I hope !
Have fun at NYCC guys !

Oskar Iglesias said...

Bon voyage

pascal said...

Ha.. just discovered you guy's work..and I see that the two first comments are people I know as well!

GREAT stuff! Very fun, very well done..strong designs and colors.

Great stuff all around!


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