03 November 2010

After returning home

I am sorry I haven't been updating my blog. Thanks for coming to my booth in NYCC!
Travel to NY had been great experience for me. I met a lot of people and I really enjoyed during the trip. I had a lot of fun doing some commissions. 

This Jack Power sketch is my last commissions in NYCC.

・・・And I'm working on a Captain America mini series now.


Hugo said...

You have a great character design concept and a nice drawing style. I always enjoy frequent this blog.

bannister said...

Looks nice ! I should comission you one day ! :-)

What is the paper you're using ? Do you get it from the US ? Is it better than the one you could find in Japan ?

Gurihiru said...

Hi bannister!
It is Bristol paper I bought at NY that used in the commission.
My comics work always use Marvel's art boards. Japanese comic art boards is too smooth awkward to use.

bannister said...

Mmh... I see. I'd be interested to try that "Marvel art board" one day. I'll try to do that the next time I go to the US. :-)

Thanks !

Fortzion Kasumba said...

beautiful...i like!